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CBD Payment Processing Overview

If you are selling CBD products online, you are likely already well aware of cannabidiol’s rapidly growing popularity in the United States. With the influx of new businesses in the CBD world, current projections estimate that the industry will harvest more than $16 billion in revenue by 2025. Since the passing of the 2018 Farm … Continued

The Top 9 Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Prior to the 1920s, hemp was present in nearly 80 percent of all clothing in the United States. Then, hemp was banned and its association with the illegal drug, marijuana, caused hemp to virtually disappear from all clothing for decades. Until now. In recent years, hemp has been radically rising in popularity as a fabric … Continued

Where to Buy Hemp Clothing

The hemp clothing industry is rapidly rising in popularity. Everyone from fashion aficionados to average Joes and Janes are discovering the wonderful benefits of hemp clothing. People are becoming more environmentally conscious with their clothing purchases, which is why hemp is becoming an increasingly common choice. With the growing interest in the fabric, new places … Continued

How to Make Your Hemp Brand Stand Out

Social media is a competitive landscape that requires levels of nuance and creativity to succeed. This is especially true for the brands in the hemp industry. Even though Canada and a growing number of U.S. states have embraced hemp, brands still face tight restrictions when marketing on social media platforms. Facebook and Google have flat … Continued