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Video Strategies That Work

Video content is running wild online, and everyone is trying to join the herd. Video marketing used to be something that brands planned to do one day. But that day was many years ago now, so it’s time to incorporate video marketing into your strategy if you haven’t already done that. People love watching videos for entertainment and information. Other forms of content are still important, but video is the king right now.

Want proof? Mobile video consumption grows by 100 percent each year. Six out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than TV. By 2022, 82 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be video – that’s 15 times higher than it was in 2017. In fact, 81 percent of other businesses already use video as a marketing tool, which is up 63 percent from the previous year. The evidence is overwhelming. Video is not only the future – it’s the right now. If you want to succeed in the uber-competitive marketing world in the rapidly growing hemp industry, you must make compelling video content.

As the data indicates, everyone is making videos these days. But that does not mean that everyone is making videos that are worth watching. Since there is such an abundance of video available to consumers, they will quickly bounce from one that is as boring as watching seeds grow (we don’t recommend posting that video). Only the best videos make for effective marketing tools. Giving it the old college try simply won’t cut it.

Our Video Creation Process

We might be called Bonnegran, but we assure you that our videos are much better than good. Our experienced and skilled video team knows all the tricks of the trade, and they work tirelessly to craft videos that elevate our clients’ brands.

Our process is much more complicated than just pointing a camera (or more likely, a smartphone) and saying, “Action!” We begin with brainstorming ideas, choosing one that suits our clients’ goals, writing a script, storyboarding the scenes, and then editing the work that was recorded. It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding when you bask in the glory of the final product.

All those steps might sound too time-consuming for you. We get it – you’re busy. So, let us do the video work for you. Our team is busy too, but they will happily make time to meet with you, get in sync on a vision for your videos, and make them a reality.

You can rise above the other crops (competitors) in your field by teaming with us on your latest video projects. Reach out to us today.

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