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Search Strategies For the Hemp Industry

For most of human history, if you wanted a product, you had to know its name. Top-of-mind awareness was golden for brands. Consumers knew the name of your brand and bought from you – it was that simple. Then, Internet search engines changed everything.

Although top-of-mind awareness is still a huge benefit to brands, it’s now much easier for consumers to find brands that they previously knew nothing about. Today, consumers turn to various search engines, well, who are we kidding. They turn to one search engine, the behemoth that is Google, to find information about different brands that provide the products or services they seek.

This means there is an opportunity for you to reveal yourself to consumers who, moments earlier, did not know of your existence. The way to make this happen is called Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Google’s paid search platform, Google Ads, rockets your brand’s ad to the top of the search results page when consumers search using keywords related to your brand.

Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click)

As is the case with any type of marketing, paid search begins with a good strategy. Our team of certified paid search specialists conducts thorough keyword research to find what types of searches consumers most often type into Google in regards to the hemp industry and specifically to your products and services. Then, they make ads that are tailored to the campaign you want to create. Whether you’re looking to boost sales or just boost awareness of your business, we can find the solution that suits your needs. The options are endless.

One of the greatest benefits of paid search is that the ads can reach consumers at any time. They don’t need to be watching TV at the precise moment your commercial comes on or driving by a billboard in a certain location. The ads reach consumers whenever they type their search into Google.

Paid Search Analytics

Another valuable aspect of Google Ads is the data it provides. Google tracks geographic location, date, and time when searches occur. Our strategists absorb this information and use it to inform the way they spend your ad budget. And the best part is, you don’t have to put in the time to track all this data and make these complicated decisions. Our team takes care of everything. Just tell us how much you want to spend, and we’ll maximize every dollar.

If you’re worried about not knowing where your money is going, relax. We’re fully transparent about our methods and would be happy to detail spending decisions. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the process and happy with the results.


Interested in dabbling in paid search? We’re here to make sure that your budget is optimally allocated. We’re confident that we will deliver a satisfying return on your investment. Reach out to us today and we’ll get to work.

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