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Remarketing Services For The Hemp Industry

Ah, the one that got away. When it comes to love, we don’t always have a chance with the special someone who turned us down. But when it comes to marketing, you can! It’s called remarketing, and it’s not as creepy as it sounds. Remarketing allows you to communicate with consumers who have already expressed an interest in your business by visiting your website or performing a certain action online. All businesses in the hemp industry can take advantage of this tactic through Google Ads or Facebook and ensure that consumers remain actively aware of their presence.

How Does Remarketing Work?

By using cookie-generated data to track where users have browsed online, we can place ads on other websites on the Google Display Network. Anytime a website visitor starts but does not complete an order, an online application, or a contact form, they are leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, or cookie crumbs, if you will. The remarketing ads serve as a kind reminder of your brand and the product they nearly purchased.

Interested Consumers

Remarketing lets your brand reach an audience who has already expressed an interest in your brand. Other forms of marketing use research to target consumers that are likely to be interested in your brand. With remarketing, you are reaching consumers who you know are interested.

Clients love this strategy because, with these targeted individuals, the seed has already been planted. They already know about your brand and even considered making a purchase. They might just be one compelling ad away from converting into a buyer.

Maintain Awareness

In some cases, the consumers you reach with remarketed ads simply forgot that they had left an item in their online shopping cart. For them, a gentle reminder is all that is needed. Others might not be so easy. Regardless of how close a consumer is to becoming a buyer, an additional brand impression is not a bad thing.

You can remain present on consumers’ minds, even as they visit other websites. Imagine plucking a consumer away from a competitor because of a remarketing ad. There’s no sweeter feeling than that.


Would you like to convert potential consumers into actual consumers? How about reaching consumers who are a mere gentle nudge away from making a purchase? We at Bonnegran can take care of that for you. If you’d like to grow your brand awareness and direct more users to your site, give us a call.

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