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Serving The Hemp Industry Vertical

When it comes to the hemp industry, we serve the entire vertical, meaning from producers to manufacturers to retailers, we’ve got tailored marketing solutions to meet your needs.


“Niche” market crops, a category into which hemp currently falls, require more careful positioning in marketing than the more widely known crops, such as corn or wheat. We’ll find ways to frame your brand and product as dependable, so your buyers know that they will receive value from your harvest. They’ll understand that your crops are the best stuff the ground can grow.


Buyers of processed hemp will demand that the product meets quality requirements. We’ll help you present references from past buyers and illustrate what makes your handling process dependable. A little creativity can make the utility of your products clear to buyers, so they will know that they can rely on your brand.


Selling to other businesses is different from selling to an individual because businesses are less focused on frills and fluff that come with a brand’s outward appearance and more focused on what your product or service can do for them. They want to know about their potential profit. We understand what these buyers want to hear, and we know the best places to communicate with them.

Similarly, we can craft messaging that appeals to consumers if your business sells to them directly. Regardless of who your target audience is, we’ll find a way to capture the attention of the buyer that is best-suited for your brand and the product you’re selling.


Whether your company sells B2B or B2C, we can tailor marketing strategies to fit your needs. These two types of buyers speak different languages, but fortunately, we are fluent in both. With other businesses, we will establish your credibility upfront by highlighting your past sales successes and directly appeal to their needs. If they don’t have time for the song and dance, then we’ll keep your brand messaging simple and to the point.

Unlike selling to businesses, individual consumers are interested in hearing a story. Our content creators will pinpoint the optimal phrasing and work with our graphic designers to establish what makes your brand different and your products worthy of trying.


Consumers who already know about the benefits of hemp might still be looking for their favorite company. We’ll construct a personality for your brand and tout your unique selling proposition to consumers seeking the best product on the market. And we won’t stop there. We help retailers reach a wider audience, targeting new buyers, so they can continue to grow their businesses.

Industries We Serve Within Hemp

Health & Wellness

Hemp seeds are natural super foods that contain high levels of vitamins A, C, and E as well as protein, fiber, and omega fatty acids. The fatty acids can reduce inflammation, improve heart health, and lower blood pressure. Recent studies revealed that hemp seeds can also regulate the immune system and help with neurological conditions, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

As a seller of hemp products, you know all this, but your consumers might not. We’ll work with your brand to come up with a marketing strategy that educates consumers about the many product benefits. Through research, we’ll find the right demographics to target for your brand messaging. As more consumers find your brand (or as we find them), your sales will grow.


Thanks to hemp’s anti-inflammatory effects, it can improve skin conditions, including acne reduction and eczema management. Hemp is also used in a variety of hygiene products, such as soaps, facial oils, conditioner, lip balm, and more.

We think hemp is beautiful, but it’s not as often associated with beauty products as it should be. Thankfully that’s nothing that the right marketing campaign can’t fix. Our creative team will work with you to find compelling ways to demonstrate the benefits of your brand.


The coarse nature of the hemp fiber makes it suitable for canvas, rope, sacks, and paper. Hemp is strong and it holds its form, making it great for clothing since the size and shape will not become distorted. Hemp is also breathable and durable, which sounds like a perfect combination for clothing in our book.

Hemp produces material that is unlike any other on the planet. Its incredible versatility means it can be used to make a variety of textiles. Hemp materials provide many benefits. It’s up to us to express those benefits to consumers in creative ways. Our creative team’s juices are already flowing as they think about ways to create content that illustrates the appeal of hemp clothing. Give them a chance to show you their ideas.

Building Materials

The woody inner core and outer fibrous skin of hemp can be used to make insulation materials. Hemp oil from its seeds can be used as a wood finish and deck stain. This is a developing industry so more products will be coming soon, as soon as smart folks find more uses.

Buyers of hemp building material products are clearly a much different audience than those who use hemp seeds for nutritional value. Still, these buyers have something in common – they want to purchase something that has value to them. We’ll find the buyers who will find value in hemp building materials, and we’ll work with you to craft a messaging strategy that speaks to them. We have the expertise to determine the best way to market to any consumer of your hemp product.

Do you fit one of the descriptions above? Or, do you have a unique position in the hemp industry that you’re looking to market? We’re ready for ya. Reach out to us today and let’s talk strategy.

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