We’re On A Mission

Bonnegran is restoring the image of hemp by showing the world the numerous benefits of this marvelous and misunderstood plant. We are teaming up with growers and sellers of first-class hemp and helping them spread their product and its associated benefits to a targeted audience via clever and charming marketing campaigns.

Educating The Masses

Our mission is to overcome the anxiety and misinformation that swirls around hemp. By providing accurate information to those who don’t yet understand hemp and its value, we hope to catapult hemp products from the depths of contempt to the peak of public acceptance.

Hemp & CBD Get A Bad Rap

Hemp is often confused with marijuana and much of the public doesn’t know what CBD is, which leads to countless missed opportunities for consumers to take advantage of its many uses.

We’re Here To Help

Our goal is to become the premier agency for marketing hemp products while always remaining true to our mission to inform and entertain. We’re growing the public’s understanding of hemp through enlightening marketing campaigns. Don’t get left in the dark. Join us in the good fight.

What We Do

By focusing on accurate information dissemination and strategic messaging, Bonnegran is determined to repair hemp’s frayed reputation. By helping growers and sellers of hemp craft compelling, witty marketing strategies and branding for their products, we are growing the number of people who take advantage of hemp’s many benefits.

hand holding a light blue credit card

CBD Payment Processing Overview

If you are selling CBD products online, you are likely already well aware of cannabidiol’s rapidly growing popularity in the United States. With the influx of new businesses in the CBD world, current projections estimate that the industry will harvest more than $16 billion in revenue by 2025. Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, new…

basket of hemp fabric

The Top 9 Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Prior to the 1920s, hemp was present in nearly 80 percent of all clothing in the United States. Then, hemp was banned and its association with the illegal drug, marijuana, caused hemp to virtually disappear from all clothing for decades. Until now. In recent years, hemp has been radically rising in popularity as a fabric used in clothing, making the marketing of hemp increasingly important for vendors and retailers. Hemp…

hemp clothes hanging on rack

Where to Buy Hemp Clothing

The hemp clothing industry is rapidly rising in popularity. Everyone from fashion aficionados to average Joes and Janes are discovering the wonderful benefits of hemp clothing. People are becoming more environmentally conscious with their clothing purchases, which is why hemp is becoming an increasingly common choice. With the growing interest in the fabric, new places to buy hemp clothing are popping up often. Let’s go through a few of the…