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The Top 9 Benefits of Hemp Clothing

Prior to the 1920s, hemp was present in nearly 80 percent of all clothing in the United States. Then, hemp was banned and its association with the illegal drug, marijuana, caused hemp to virtually disappear from all clothing for decades. Until now.

In recent years, hemp has been radically rising in popularity as a fabric used in clothing, making the marketing of hemp increasingly important for vendors and retailers. Hemp can be used to make shirts, hats, bags, ropes, dresses, and much more. There are good reasons that hemp has become a trendy fabric. Let’s run through a few of the top benefits that hemp clothing offers.

1. The Material is Breathable & Warm

Wait, it does both? Yes! While most fabrics are great at either keeping you warm in winter or cool during warmer months, hemp clothes can do both. It’s the structure of the cellulose fibers in hemp material that effectively makes the clothing warm or cool – whatever you need. This same versatility helps hemp bed sheets deliver the ultimate comfort since they keep your body temperature at a comfortable level in all seasons.

2. The Material is Soft

You know the feeling of a touchably soft material? It’s rare but unmistakable. That’s what hemp fabric feels like. Hemp fibers are so fine that they feel soft to the touch at any thread count. Other materials require extremely high thread counts (and higher costs) to provide the necessary level of comfort. Hemp is comfortable at a lower thread count and a lower price.

3.  It Gets Softer with Time

Your mother probably told you, “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Wise words from a wise woman. But in this case, it really is true. Hemp fabric really grows softer over time. With more washes and wears, hemp clothing becomes increasingly softer and more comfortable. As an added benefit, ironing hemp clothing becomes less crucial over time.

4. Hemp Clothing is Strong

Believe it or not, hemp is one of the strongest materials on Earth. Its strength is on par with that of steel. The length and coupling of the fibers contribute to hemp’s strength. Comparatively, hemp is considerably stronger than cotton, which makes it hold up remarkably well against the elements. If you are rough on your clothing, hemp is a great fit.

5.  Fashionable in Any Season

Fashion is subjective, but hemp is objectively fashionable (it’s a fact, don’t argue with us on this). We already mentioned that hemp clothing is comfortable to wear in any weather, so the fashionable element serves as an added bonus. Hemp clothing is becoming increasingly trendy, so new styles are constantly becoming available. There are hemp clothing options for everyone.

6. Fiber Production Process is Efficient

Hemp yields three times as much fiber per acre as cotton. This considerable efficiency edge provides a benefit to our planet and to the economy. Hemp is easier and more sustainable to extract than other common clothing fibers, which makes it kind to the Earth. Yes, Mother Nature appreciates it.

7. Uses Less Water to Clean

Hemp is more than just an efficient grower. It is also efficient to clean. Cleaning hemp requires only half the water needed to wash cotton. In an age in which water conservation is growing in importance, this is not a benefit that should be overlooked.

8. Grows Quickly & Grows in Many Settings

As we have covered, hemp grows efficiently in terms of pounds produced per acre. Hemp also grows quickly. To be specific, hemp grows at more than double the rate of cotton (sorry to keep picking on you, cotton). Not only does hemp grow quickly, but it also grows well in many conditions. It can be grown in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, and South America – pretty much anywhere. This benefits the environment by reducing pollution caused by transporting the product across countries or around the world.

9. It’s High in Antimicrobials

A lot of clothing materials start to smell after a long stretch between washes, but hemp is resistant to that. Its natural antimicrobials help the clothing fight odor-causing growths, such as mold and mildew, keeping the fabric fresh for ages. That smells like a winner.

The hemp clothing industry is rising in popularity, which also means that competition is rising, too. If you would like help with advertising your hemp clothing or other hemp products, Bonnegran can give you a hand. We can discuss your marketing strategy and help you with your social media presence. Let’s chat today.

If you are looking for the best places to buy hemp clothing, read this post and learn. You can experience a new world of clothing comfort and durability.

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