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Time To Get Social

Since many brands in the hemp industry have sprouted up very recently, a large number of them will be focusing their marketing efforts digitally to stay in touch with today’s marketing landscape. Social media is a massive and significant component of any digital marketing strategy. Perhaps you’re wondering if social media is a fit for you, given that some people still view hemp as controversial. We can assure you that social media is still necessary and can still boost your brand.

Why Market with Social Media?

Social media is much more than a mere trend, as some foolishly predicted when it first hit the scene. Social media is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Ignoring social media severely limits the potential growth of your brand. You understand as well as anyone how passionate your customers are about your product. They crave more from you, and social media is the ideal place for you to reach them.

On social media, you can target your specific audience on a variety of platforms via strategically placed content, so you know that your work will be seen by the right people. You’ll have the ability to remind current consumers about your brand, and you can also grow awareness about your brand by reaching others interested in what you do.

The best part about marketing on social media is that it’s free. While there are opportunities to utilize paid social media strategies, you can still organically grow your audience by posting pictures, videos, and other compelling content for users to interact with and enjoy. Once you increase your followers, you can directly reach thousands of consumers anytime you want at no cost to you.

Crafting a Social Media Strategy

The upside of social media is that there are billions of users. The downside of social media is that there are billions of users. It’s easy for your brand to get brushed aside by a competitor who has a better grasp of how to effectively market in the social media sphere. That’s where we come in. We have a team of creatives who immerse themselves in social media. They understand the language and the trends, so they know how to make content that will engage users.

Our digital strategists live and breathe social media (and oxygen – they work like machines, but they’re still people). They create SAPs, which are Strategy Action Plans, that map the posts that will go on your various social media platforms each month. We’ll collaborate with you to choose themes and establish goals for posts that will snap users out of their drowsy stares and have them freezing mid-scroll.

Social Media Management

As important as social media is to marketing your brand, managing social media correctly is even more vital. It takes a considerable amount of time and usually many employees to manage effectively. Sometimes committing the requisite time and effort is not enough. People still make mistakes. Social media can be a landmine field of divisiveness and controversy. This is amplified further when you market a misunderstood product like hemp. You need social media managers who know how to properly navigate the landscape, so you don’t accidentally step on ground that damages your brand.

Social Media Analytics

To track the effectiveness of our efforts, we report a monthly analysis of how posts performed, engagement levels, the number of likes, and other useful data. Our team then uses this information to adjust strategies to emphasize what is most beneficial to your brand.


Tell us about the social media goals you have for your brand. We know all about the big guys, like Facebook, Instagram and more, and we even know about a few that might be unfamiliar to you. We’re here to help. Let’s chat.

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