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Great Website = Great Foundation

Your website is the foundational soil of your digital marketing strategy – from it, everything grows. If you don’t have the ideal soil conditions, then you won’t see much life sprouting from it. That’s why you need to properly maintain your soil and monitor its health, so you can ultimately have a successful harvest. And that’s probably enough of the soil metaphor.

The point is that your website is crucial to your marketing success. The goal of most marketing tactics is to drive traffic to your website. If your website is not easy to navigate, is visually off-putting, or doesn’t contain informative and captivating content, then even the best marketing efforts are wasted. Online users will quickly bounce from your site and move on to the next similar brand (probably one of your top competitors). Fortunately for you, this can be avoided. And we can help.

Making a Digital Information Booth

If customers are first learning about your brand when they visit your website, then you should be sure to supply them with detailed information. How are you involved in the hemp industry? Are you selling products directly to consumers or are you more business-to-business sales driven? How are you educating your audience on what you do? People are going to have a lot of questions about your brand. Make sure your site paints a clear picture of who you are from the homepage to the contact page and every page in between.

Users should spend a few minutes browsing your pages and come away feeling like they know your brand better and understand exactly how your products or services can help them. A good site can be the start of a wonderful relationship with your consumers if it’s executed correctly. We can make sure your site is up to par.

Our team at Bonnegran are experts in creating websites customized to fit your brand’s unique needs. Are you wanting a site that is mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines, and aesthetically pleasing? Check, check, and check. We know how to mix the elements of your brand into the perfect blend that will educate and entertain visitors. You’ll be growing your customer base in no time.

Value of a Good Website

A recent study found that 92 percent of consumers visiting a site for the first time are not there to buy. Consumers first want to scope out your brand. Today’s consumers are savvy and willing to take their time, rather than arbitrarily choosing something. The study also found that 98 percent of shoppers have lost interest in making a purchase because they were dissatisfied with what they found on a brand’s website. Your site might not be the first one that consumers visit, but it could be their last. We’ll help you seize your opportunities by making a site that will have users ready to reach out or make a purchase.

Our Strategy

We understand that a site design that works wonders for one brand might not be a good fit for another. That’s why we work closely with our clients to figure out what they want from their site, and we find ways to make your brand stand out from others in the industry. Our team of graphic designers, content creators, and developers work in harmony to build you a site that’s as unique and interesting as your brand.

And their job doesn’t end there. After the site is launched, our team regularly monitors the site to ensure that it continues running smoothly. If they spot an issue, they’re quick to find a resolution, so all you have to do is relax and focus on running your business.


You’ve read this much about what we can do for website design, so you’re clearly interested. Take the next step and contact us. We’re always eager to get to work on a new website masterpiece.

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